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Wear & Care
We use only Virgin hair and Remy hair
  • Wig wearing:

    Generally, you need to wear a hair net before wearing wig, this will make the effect much better.

    When wearing the wig, please adjust the elastic buckle to the suitable position.

    Please comb the hair gently at the bottom, then comb again from top to ends. It is forbidden to use brute force.

    You’d better choose a round wide-toothed comb.

    You can perm, dye, but please don’t do this too frequent, and remember to use the nutrition water.

  • Hair cleaning:

    Wash and condition it regularly.

    Please put the wig or toupee in the mild water which with normal shampoo for 5-10mins, and then rub gently. Don’t keep it in the water for long time.Put the clean wig on a professional bracket, use a dry towel to suck the moisture, and put it in a draft, avoid the sunshine.

  • Hair collection:

    When the wig is unworn, please comb the hair smoothly and put it in a box , keep it flat, don’t press it, and keep the box in a dry place.

  • Warning:
    • 01
      Don’t put the hair under the blazing sun for too long.
    • 02
      Don’t blow dry hair toot.
    • 03
      Don’t overexert the root of hair when wearing or washing.
    • 04
      A gentle care will keep the hair healthy and avoid tangle problem. Improper dyeing or other chemical process will damage the hair and caused tangle and shedding problem.